Did you buy a piano recently? If so, you might want to ask your friends to help you move it to your home. Unfortunately, a lot of professionals don’t recommend doing this.  

Keep in mind that a piano is a heavy and expensive musical instrument. You should treat it as a piece of furniture when you’re moving it from one place to another.  

You shouldn’t even consider moving the a piano on your own if you aren’t experienced and equipped with the right tools. A simple mistake can cause major damages to your piano if you’re not careful enough.  

If you want your piano delivered to your home, you should always hire a professional piano mover Chicago company for help. Here are several reasons why: 

Worth the Cost 

One of the biggest reasons why people choose to do the job on their own is because they want to save money. However, when it comes to fragile and heavy items like your piano, it will be worth the cost to hire a professional.  

When professionals move your piano, you can guarantee that it will not get damaged or scratched.  

Save Money 

So, how can you save money when hiring a professional for help cost a lot? Well, one thing you should consider is the price that you’ll have to pay if the piano gets damaged or you get injured.  

A piano is an extremely expensive musical instrument. Repairing it will cost more than just hiring a professional to help you move it.  

Spending some money for safety is always better than risking it all.  

Right Car 

You can always move the piano on your own from the shop to your house if you’ve got the right vehicle. However, if you don’t have a truck that can fit the piano, then you should think about hiring a professional.  

Professionals will always have the right car for the job. Even if you do have a truck, you probably don’t know how to place the piano to guarantee it won’t move during the transport.  

On the other hand, professional piano movers use the right methods in loading and securing the piano inside the car. They properly strap the piano to ensure it doesn’t tip over.  

Humidity changes and temperatures can also damage your piano. A professional piano mover can maintain the right moisture and temperature level inside the car so that the piano will stay perfect. 

Avoid Damage and Injury 

If you’re planning to move piano on your own, you should think again. It isn’t easy to move even a tiny piano. This is particularly true if there are stairs involved. Aside from putting your piano in danger, you’re also putting yourself at risk.  

Keep in mind that pianos can weigh up to 1,000 pounds or more. Imagine if this heavy musical instrument falls on your feet. It can be a very painful experience.  

On the other hand, professionals have the right tools to properly move the piano. It does not matter if you want to move it upstairs, a professional can easily and safely move it.