Not only brightening up your home exterior will make it appear better, but it can also boost your property value should you decide to sell it. New window treatments can offer an updated look for a fraction of what a paint job or new siding can. Below are a few ideas to add a hint of color as you do San Jose window replacement or remodeling. 


If you have upper-level windows, then small balconies are the best addition to your home exterior. Some of your design options include double doors and balustrades for focal points on your home.  

Roller blinds 

This feature is a great option for those who want to save money on utilities and who reside in areas with a warm climate. Such blinds will roll up into slim metal pockets, which prevent them from cluttering the window especially if it’s not in use. Once you activate roller blinds, they will unroll to form a sold UV protective cover above the window.  


When your home is made out of solid materials like stucco, then having painted frames surrounding your windows is one of the best ways of incorporating extra color into it. Plus, it can add a unique element to any structure, which can somehow mimic rustic brick apartments in Barcelona and vintage Parisian alleyways.   

Climbing plants 

Climbing plants, such as roses or ivy, is a nice way to amp up your exterior windows especially if you like a storybook cottage’s look. Such plants will need great observation or care if you don’t want them to pose risk to your home exterior. Hence, if you’re considering adding this feature to your house, it would be great if you consult a gardening expert. 

Window grills 

This refers to a decorative metal cage, which can be what your house needs as its finishing piece. A window grill can be attached into place so that it won’t move or you can put some hinges on it that can somehow look like shutters. Usually, window grills have beautiful detail and can be observed in Mediterranean settings. Apart from that, they can serve as an additional security feature if you have glass windows especially when you’re living in a place that often experiences strong hurricanes or heavy winds.  


Awnings can be made out of different materials and, if it’s seamlessly done, it can also improve the look of a house without providing it an old-fashioned aura. Slanted solar panels, the fabric held by decorative metal bars, or even wood slats can make great awnings. With an awning, you will have the perks of having a great view without the glare and heat of the sun.  

Sliding shutters 

Sliding shutters are usually made out of recycled barn wood. This is one of the renowned modern techniques for making a versatile window treatment. Any material or even a massive wood piece suspended on a sliding track, which reaches over the window, can give you easy access to sunshine and fresh air.