Effective Ways to Clean Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen countertops in our homes can acquire all types of nasty kinds of foreign matter and contamination that should never be left there in the first place. Below is a list of hacks that you can do that can help you keep up a clean and healthy kitchen. Read more to know these: 

Scan your countertops  

Try to check the things that you’ve stored on your San Jose kitchen countertops. Most of the time, you can find different kinds of items— some might be related to the kitchen while some are not— that somehow can be found on countertops. Because of this, the space intended for preparing food gets even smaller and, at times, the prep area will intersect with the things stored on the countertop.  

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to determine which things must be kept on the countertop. Know which items you’re frequently using and the things you probably used before but you forgot to return. It’s only you who can determine which items these could be. Afterward, you can take out such items that you don’t frequently use anymore. If you do so, you can get more preparation area that can help you prep your meals a lot easier. Apart from that, your kitchen will appear more spacious.  

Countertop cleaning 

After checking and taking out unused things from your countertops, make sure to thoroughly clean your countertops. Make sure to remove all items first rather than just cleaning around any items. After cleaning the countertops, don’t forget to clean the backsplash also.  

When it comes to cleaning products to be used on countertops, there are many types of it that you should consider. But keep in mind that the cleaner you use must still be depending on the kind of countertop installed in your kitchen. To get the best advice for this, you may consult the countertop manufacturer or material fabricator. After using the cleaning product, always finish cleaning the countertop with a water rinse on a clean rag. Then, fully eliminate the cleaning products by following it with a dry towel.  

Clean your things 

Make sure to clean all items you want to return to your countertop after you cleaned it. Such items could be a mixer, crockery that holds utensils, toaster, coffee maker, and more. Also, see to it that foreign items, food, and dust particles must be eliminated and clean every bottom part of the items. After that, return them to your newly-cleaned countertop and maximize your prep area by rearranging them well.  

Calendar it 

It’s important to make cleaning your countertops a regular part of your cleaning process. You can help yourself be reminded of this task by putting it on your calendar or set a reminder about it at least once per 2 weeks or once a month to guarantee a thoroughly cleaned countertop. The frequency of your cleaning countertop schedule will depend on how particular you are when it comes to making sure that your countertops are free of any foreign substances and bacteria.  

Should You Consider Sealing Your Masonry?

One of the ideal candidates for restoration is old and historic masonry properties. The exterior’s timeless elegance produces an attention-getting and unique appeal to every person who passes by. Unfortunately, restoration isn’t only about the beauty of the building. Restoring historic masonry also becomes a chance to repurpose an outdated building into something more functional.  

One of the ideal methods to improve the functionality of outdated buildings is through masonry sealing.  

Do you have an old masonry structure in your house? Should you consider sealing it? Today, we’re going to share with you the benefits you’ll get if you hire a masonry Bay Area company for masonry sealing. 

Energy Efficiency 

For commercial property owners, one of their growing concern is energy efficiency. If you choose to restore outdated masonry work, your design team will always prioritize efficiency in their strategy. Sealing is a great way of lowering air leakage, aside from other key design strategies.  

For those who don’t know, the biggest source of air leakage happens generally through utility penetrations, joints, and wall cracks. This is according to the National Concrete Masonry Association. Existing building codes require sealing the exterior envelope to lower the high levels of leakage. This will help reduce the exfiltration or infiltration of air.  

Minimize Cracking from the Thaw or Freeze Cycle 

The natural thaw or freeze cycle can wreak havoc on your property’s integrity. It does not matter if you have concrete, stone, or brick. If you ignore it, it will keep on expanding. Cracking within the wall will eventually result in deterioration that weakens the durability and strength of the building.  

Aside from protecting against moisture, sealing your old masonry work can also fill or bridge separations or hairline cracks. This measure offers protection from the damaging thaw or freeze cycles. This guarantees the wall surface’s integrity. Make sure it stays intact.  

Protect Against Penetration of Moisture 

Oftentimes, spalling happens if moisture becomes trapped inside your old masonry work. For those who don’t know, spalling is the process where bricks chip away and deteriorate at the surface level. Luckily, there is a way to prevent spalling. You can stop moisture from penetrating during serious weather conditions if you avail for masonry sealing.  

When applied correctly, a breathable masonry sealant can offer the protective properties required to maintain the surface of the wall. Repair of spalled masonry greatly varies on the severity of the damage. In addition to that, the location and form of the structure also affect the process.  

Other Things to Consider 

There are a couple of other reasons to think about aside from the 3 mentioned above. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks, from lowering possible fading from UV rays to protecting against mildew and mold growth. It does not matter what the current condition of your structure is, it’s always an ideal option to apply masonry sealant sooner instead of later. Furthermore, to achieve the desired results, always hire a professional masonry company to help you. They’ve got the skills and knowledge to do the job properly.